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New Program – Financial Stewardship Program


⮚ Living paycheck-to-paycheck?
⮚ Think you’ll never have enough money to live comfortably?
⮚ Have you made mistakes or did life just catch you off guard and you can’t seem to rebound?
⮚ Want to get you and your family on track for making sound financial decisions?
⮚ Think you’re too young to think about saving for retirement?
⮚ Are you ready for or already in retirement and need help with living on a fixed income?
⮚ Wish you had someone to teach and coach you about your finances but think you can’t afford it?
If you answered yes to any one of these, Madisonville Mission Ministries (MMM) is offering a financial
education and coaching opportunity, sponsored by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s Black
Empowerment Works program and conducted by experienced professionals in the financial coaching
and/or planning field.

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